Grades: 12 and below

Homework: 5-10+ hours per week

Placement Guidelines: Students may join Group A as many times as they like.

Course Description: Group A is an Olympiad level math course. Topics covered in group A vary each year, and include advanced number theory (primitive roots, Pell equations, Z[i], etc.), advanced geometry (inversion, 9-point circle, etc.), mathematical analysis, inequalities (Jensen, Minkowski, etc.), and many others. A fraction of the class is dedicated to games, contests, and working in teams.

Please note that as of Spring 2017 the take-home option is no longer available.  Students will have 3 hours to take the exam in person.  To see an example of a 2-group exam, please visit the Group L page, which contains a Group SL exam.

Group A 2016-2017 Exam.pdfGroup A 2016-2017 Exam.pdf