Grades: 8 and below

Homework: 2-5+ hours per week

Placement Guidelines: We strongly recommend that students in grades 7-8 who are new to Math-M-Addicts start in Group S. Students may join Group S for a total of two years.

Course Description: Group S revisits topics from Group Y such as combinatorics, number theory, and proofs at greater depth and difficulty.  Group S also covers new topics such as mathematical induction, geometry, basic inequalities, and invariants.  A fraction of the class is dedicated to games, contests, and working in teams.

Prerequisites: Algebra is used extensively; familiarity with algebra is of great help.


Exams for the 2014 - 2016 seasons are available as practice exams.  To see an example of a 2-group exam, please visit the Group L page.
Historical Group S Exams and Solutions 2014-2016.pdfHistorical Group S Exams and Solutions 2014-2016.pdf