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A New Group and New Test Format in the Upcoming Year
by Math Admin - Monday, 17 July 2017, 7:42 AM

Dear parents and students,

We wanted to update you on changes in the upcoming year.  

First, we are growing from 8 groups to 10.  Instead of 3 Y, 3 S, 1 I, and 1 A group, we will be offering 3 Y, 2 S, 2 L, 2 I, and 1 A group.  Group L, formerly known as S1, is a bridge between Group S and Group I.  We found that students strongly benefitted from more time to explore Group S topics in more depth and difficulty.  Group L will be open to students in grades 9 and below. Students should expect to spend 3 - 7 hours on reviewing old homework and working on new homework every week.  Group S will be of equivalent level of groups S2 and S3 from previous years.

Second, we will be rolling out a new test format. Exams for Groups S through Group A will be mixed-level exams. This allows students to take a look at exam questions for two adjacent levels to better determine their placement.  There will be four exams at the following levels:

  • Group Y Exam (6 Y-level questions)
  • Group SL Exam (3 S-only questions, 3 S/L questions, 3 L-only questions)
  • Group LI Exam (3 L-only questions, 3 L/I questions, 3 I-only questions)
  • Group IA Exam (3 I-only questions, 3 I/A questions, 3 A-only questions)

Students should solve only the questions for the group they are testing for.  For example, a student testing for the L group and taking the S/L exam, should do the three S/L questions and the three L-only questions.  If someone would like to test for both groups, they should feel free to attempt all of the questions.  Admission to each group will be determined separately, and will be based solely on the questions for that group.  For avoidance of doubt, we will not be considering scores obtained on one group’s exam (e.g., “L”) for placement in another group (e.g. “S”).  Also for avoidance of doubt, the 6 "L" questions will be the same on the Group SL Exam and the Group LI Exam; similarly, the 6 "I" questions will be the same on the Group LI Exam and the Group IA Exam.

Group Y, S, L, and I exams will be two hours. Students who after 2 hours of a Group IA Exam indicate that they would like to test for Group A have up to three hours to complete their examination. If they choose to stay for the third hour, they will only be graded on the Group A portion of the IA exam.  

We know the format is new – please don't hesitate to reach out to with questions.

Math-M-Addicts Team