Aditi Ghai AB in Government and Economic, Harvard University

Alex Perlin Gold Medal, International Math Olympiad

Alexander Krol Master of Financial Engineering, Cornell University

Anna Raytcheva First Place, National High School of Mathematics and Science Exam, Bulgaria

Behzad Mehrdad Gold Medal, International Math Olympiad

Bobby Lee A.B. in Economics, Harvard University

David Opela Bronze Medal, International Math Olympiad

Fanny Chen M.A. Statistics, Harvard University

Geehoon Hong Captain, New York City Math Team

Gil Wiechman PhD, Electrical Engineering, Technion

Jared Anderson PhD, Mathematics, Princeton University

Ken Baron PhD, Statistics, Stanford University

Kolya Malkin PhD student, Yale University

Matthew Lerner-Brecher Three-time qualifier, USA(J)MO

Meena Boppana 2nd place NYS MATHCOUNTS 

Michelle Ju A.B. in Mathematics, Harvard University 

Mike C PhD, Theoretical Physics

Mikhail Shklyar Captain, Brooklyn Tech Math Team

Misha Kogan Top 15, William Lowell Putnam Competition

Monish Kumar B.Tech in Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Natalia Lukina M.S. in Applied Math and Physics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Oleg Ledeniov M.Sc. in Computer Science, Technion 

Ruvim Breydo Bronze Medal, International Math Olympiad

Sasha Rozenberg 3rd prize, All-USSR Physics Olympiad

Sergey Levin Silver Medal, International Math Olympiad

Tanya Ezubova Diploma winner, All-Russian Mathematical Olympiad

Tanya Gross Math Team Coach, TAG School for Young Scholars

Thomas Lovering Silver Medal, International Math Olympiad

Tom Jameson Math Faculty and Math Team Coach, Speyer School

Yijing Zhou First Prize, China National Math Olympiad

Yirong Shen M.S. in Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

Yury Volvovskiy, First Prize, Russian Math Olympiad

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