Ruvim Breydo


Ruvim Breydo emigrated from Russia in 1987 when he was 14. Back in Russia, Ruvim attended St. Petersburg's 239 School - one of the most successful math programs in the country. He became a member of the New York City Math Team and participated in various math contests. Ruvim achieved a second place finish in the 1991 USA Math Olympiad and a bronze medal in the 1991 International Math Olympiad. He first fell in love with teaching as a captain of the Stuyvesant High School math team when he was a senior. All throughout college, Ruvim continued to tutor students. Ruvim Breydo graduated from Harvard summa cum laude in 1995 with an AB in Physics. He is currently a managing director at the D. E. Shaw group*, a global investment and technology development firm. Ruvim has been teaching Math-M-Addicts since 2005.

*The D. E. Shaw group is not affiliated with Math-M-Addicts.


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