Alex Perlin

Alex Perlin grew up in St Petersburg, Russia. He has been interested in Mathematics since the age of 11. In his junior and senior years of high school, Alex Perlin both achieved the top score in the Soviet Union Math Olympiad and earned a gold medal at the International Math Olympiad. Subsequently he served on the jury of a number of Math Olympiads, contributing original problems and grading contestants' solutions. He enjoys working with students. He was a teaching assistant in two summer camps for middle school kids interested in math. While in a graduate program, he taught recitation sections in differential equations and probability and received one of the two annual teaching prizes awarded by the MIT Math Department. Alex Perlin holds a diploma with honors from St. Petersburg State University, and a Ph.D. degree in Mathematics from MIT. His field of concentration was Probability Theory. Alex has been employed by the D. E. Shaw group* as a quantitative analyst since 2001, the year he completed his graduate studies.  Alex has been teaching Math-M-Addicts since 2006.

*The D. E. Shaw group is not affiliated with Math-M-Addicts.


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