Mikhail Shklyar

Mikhail Shklyar came to New York at the age of 14 from St. Petersburg, Russia, with weak English, but a strong desire to do math.  He went to the Brooklyn Technical High School where, as the captain of the math team, he placed first in the New York City (NYML) and New York State (NYSML) math competitions.  He moved on to Columbia University, where he won first place in a competition among first-year and then second-year students.  However, solving problems under time limit was not his biggest passion.  He was much more interested in learning advanced topics in mathematics and then teaching them to others.  He has spent four of his summers working as a junior staff member at different math programs and has greatly enjoyed himself there.  He is excited about the opportunity to work with intelligent students during the school year.  He is currently pursuing his PhD in Mathematics at the CUNY Graduate Center.  Mikhail has been teaching Math-M-Addicts since 2009.

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