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Math-M-Addicts (MMA) is seeking Head Teachers and Teachers for its Saturday math enrichment program in NYC. Teachers instruct small groups of students, grades 6-12, using the teaching methods and curriculum developed by MMA’s founders. The program aims to provide insight into advanced-level math.


      Head Teacher:  

  • Assess students and choose appropriate problems from MMA curriculum
  • Lead discussions on different approaches to solving problems
  • Provide feedback to students on homework
  • Teach critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Teach proof-writing skills
  • Teach communication and presentation skills
  • Meet with MMA founders to review course materials


  • Assist the Head Teacher in leading classes
  • Help maintain student engagement by assisting in discussions 
  • Give Head Teacher feedback on which students may need extra help
  • Work with students individually and in small groups
  • Assume Head Teacher responsibilities in his/her absence
  • Meet with MMA founders to review course materials


  • A degree in math, science, or engineering
  • Fluency in areas such as combinatorics, number theory, the pigeon-hole principle, graphs, mathematical induction, geometry, and game theory
  • Experience with a math circle or math team is a plus
  • Experience teaching in a collaborative environment is a plus

How to Apply

Submit a resume and cover letter to Include in your cover letter information about your math background which you feel will help us determine the student Group level best matched to your experience.

References and an in-person sample presentation of a topic of your choice may be requested. Possible presentation topics are: Pascal’s Triangle, Fermat’s Little Theorem, and Mathematical Induction.

Math-M-Addicts is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

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