Mitya Boyarchenko

Mitya Boyarchenko grew up in Rostov-on-Don, Russia.  During middle and high school he actively participated in mathematical competitions and math circles, both of which were crucial for his future career.  After finishing high school in Rostov, Mitya got an undergraduate degree in math from the University of Pennsylvania and a PhD in math from the University of Chicago.  During 2009-2014 Mitya was an assistant professor in the Mathematics Department at the University of Michigan; last June he joined The D. E. Shaw Group* as a quantitative analyst.  As a graduate student and later as a postdoc and a professor, Mitya devoted a lot of his time and energy to working with the brightest undergraduate math students around him.  He now looks forward to applying his teaching experience at Math-M-Addicts. Mitya joined Math-M-Addicts in 2015.
*The D. E. Shaw Group is not affiliated with Math-M-Addicts.
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