“The program is much more than a math program . . . it teaches students rigorous analytical thinking, but it also challenges their creativity. It made my child realize how much fun math can be.”

“We want to sincerely thank you for all your dedication and efforts this past year.  Our daughter is a different child now.  She started the year anxious and close to tears at the first sign of challenge, which was why I sought this program out.  Her actual math was a secondary issue.  After experiencing the vertical climb in your classroom, she is confident and so much more resilient as a person.  Our gratitude runs deep.”

“This is SUCH a welcome change to school math which is rote, dull, and easy. At both of the schools my children attend, students drone through workbooks without any excitement or challenge. MathMAddicts is difficult and really tests the boundaries of the children’s knowledge, pushes them to want more and also asks them to think. It is problem solving based so they have to prove their answers, explain the methodology and present to their classmates - all wonderful life skills. MathMAddicts should provide teacher training to the schools throughout NYC.”

“I think it's great, and very generous, of you and everyone at Math-M-Addicts that you're giving so much of your time to showing kids fascinating math beyond what they get at school.”

“I have been searching for years for a challenging and engaging math program for my children and finally found MathMAddicts! My sixth grader began the class this fall and I can't wait for my younger child to hopefully join. For the first time, she is exposed to math problems that stump her and that push her beyond what she knows. The work is complex and they go deep into math concepts, so even for subject matter a student might be familiar with - the homework is challenging and a struggle to complete.”

“I am the parent of a student in the Math-M-Addicts program and also a math tutor and teacher with a Master's Degree in Mathematics and a PhD in Statistics. My son has attended the Math-M-Addicts program for 4 semesters and has risen up through the levels offered. I have studied and taught in a number of countries but I find the intense problem-solving approach in Math-M-Addicts unique and my son has benefited greatly in terms of developing a joy for mathematics as well as improving his mathematics skills. 

“Traditional school math programs focus on exercises rather than problem-solving and are somewhat repetitive. The problems covered in this program are thought-provoking and deep and most topics are not covered in school at any level. I would recommend, and have already personally recommended, this program for students who specialize in mathematics. I found that the extra AIME preparation sessions to be helpful to my son.”

“I am the father of two current Math-M-Addicts students. My older son is in Group I and my younger son is in Group Y. My sons like Math-M-Addicts for different reasons. My older son wants to do well on the USA(J)MO and the vigorous math program at Math-M-Addicts delights him. He also likes the friendly competition during class time where he could win chocolate. My younger son likes to make friends and learn some interesting math. Both of my sons are making new friends and learning wonderful math. I like that the placement of students is done by mathematical maturity and not by age. My sons are making friends older and younger than them.

“I like the quality of the Math-M-Addicts instructors. The instructors at Math-M-Addicts are gifted mathematicians who have mastered the concepts and are enthusiastic about teaching.”

“I thank Math-M-Addicts....This is the best math program my child has taken in NYC.”

“Math-M-Addicts is an amazing program run by people who not only love mathematics but can teach their students to think independently and to be excited about challenges in and out of the classroom.

“My son attended for 2 years and would have continued if we did not move out of NY. Not a place for a child who is used to hearing "good job" all the time - M-M-A team will push them to reach their potential and will not settle for anything short of that. 

“He is a junior now, who got a perfect score on SAT2 Math (yes, we know it’s not about scores!) and plans to study applied math in college.

“I would recommend the program to anyone with passion for math.”

“It all started on a Saturday morning five years ago:

     “What's the divisibility rule for 7?” Ruvim asked the class.

     “There isn't one,” my son replied.

     “How do you know there isn't one?”

     “Because I don't know any.”

      [Class laughed.]

“This is how my son remembered the beginning of his passion in mathematics.  He realized how little mathematics he knew and the room was full of kids, just like him, except a whole lot smarter.

“Fast forward today: He is so excited that he is early accepted into MIT. He has been somewhat bored in high school and decided to apply early in his junior year. It turns out to be a great decision.

“My wife and I are grateful for the wonderful Math-M-Addicts that you set up. My son and daughter have both benefited enormously from the many amazing coaches (Alex, Sergey, Eric, David, Linda, and Michael) and fellow students. You have provided an exceptional environment -- fun yet educational -- for kids like our children to stretch their mind. I envision my son reciprocating your effort in the future by helping other young kids to achieve their potential.  He is currently teaching the senior math team at Stuy. Many thanks.”

“My son attended Math-M-Addicts classes for the last two years, starting in his 6th grade. Of the many great qualities of this program such as clear vision, stretch content, teacher dedication, and real fun, the most important dimension is encouraging students to look for creative solutions to mathematical problems, outside of the prescribed or tried strategies. When students do find novel solutions, and they do, they experience a thrill of discovery, and a power of true learning. This program is a real jewel!”

“My son has been attending Math-M-Addicts for one semester. We've been looking for a program where he could interact with other kids who love math and think it's cool, and Math-M-Addicts is exactly this kind of environment. We like the format of lessons with focus on challenging Math Olympiad-style problems that require creative out-of-box thinking, and with students working together in teams. I would highly recommend Math-M-Addicts for students who want to go far beyond the standard math curriculum and who are ready for the challenge and the commitment.”